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Texting is the modern way if trying to get the attention of a girl, and for any single man out there who is willing to get hooked up it is important to know what exactly o text.Flirting with a real woman physically is quite different from texting a person whom one is not looking at and whom only the text message from her might keep the conversation going. Many people have many issues affecting their lives and so it is very important that when a single men is trying to get the attention of the woman he is texting by ensuring that the conversation should not sound offensive or mind boggling to the woman.

Even more so, any attractive girl’s cell phone is occasionally blitzed with hundreds of texts from single guys trying to get some attention all day long and the texts are more often than not very boring but some single men who texts interesting and fun and easy texts tends to get some automatic and positive response from the girl. Women get bored while being online and so they prefer a man who gives her time to think about what has been texted before he can whole heatedly have the guts to answer back and continue with the conversation.Texts which go like, what you up to? Or hi, what’s up? Actually does absolutely nothing to help you get a chance to relate with the woman and instead of adding value to the conversation the woman might just block you because the text has no positive interaction.

A woman tends to get more passionate about texting if you write someone that seems to add value to her life and experience. Women tend to take their time while replying text and they may reply after a few days and so it is important to give her the much needed time to do so.

Many single men ruin a perfect good chance of winning a woman’s heart but getting needy and over-eager with the way they text. Woman love to be flirted and they usually love the flirting if it combines with fun since there are some two ingredients to have any success in seduction, tension and rapport since they all build comfort, and a deeper connection between two people is created.It is possible to keep some sexually tension between you and the girl you are texting and being careful that the text messages to not make you look like a sore thumb.

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